Monday, July 12, 2010

Friday Fish Fry & Fire Fly's

So we are here in Wisconsin :) And enjoying all the things about being back home :)
Evan being silly by the totum poll...yes my grandma and parents have a lovely totum poll! I have never been a fan of the poll however my grandmothers brother made it and it has been around forever!!! :)
My sister and her son came in on Friday...And Friday means Fish Fry for this family :) From left to right it is Evan, Theodore, my mom, my sister, me and Buzz :)
My Grandmothers brother also made this merry go hasn't worked in years and he has passed away but recently his son came to take a look at it and was able to fix it :) The boys were super excited about it!!! :)
Evan and his cousin Theodore playing peek-a-boo :)
What a better childhood memory than catching fire flies!!!
Evan in action :)
Poor little fire flies they are so big and so slow...easy to catch :)
Got em :)
Open the jar Grandma...
Got another one!!! Or 30 :)
Evan really liked catching fire flies :) He wanted to use them as a night light :) I don't know the last time I have seen any fire flies in Texas so it makes my heart happy that he was able to have this experience :)
Showing Buzz all the fire flies :)

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