Monday, July 12, 2010

Cousin fun

My sister came in on Friday and spent the weekend :) She left Sunday night to go back to Iowa and left her little cutie with us for a few days :)
Cousin Theodore :)
Evan still loves him some stuffed animals :)
Both boys got a monkey at Build a bear after we had their picture taken together :)
Block building boys :)
Cookie party :)
Hi Mommy...I'm having fun!!! :)
Theodore on the lady bug :)
My child and his love of flowers :)
I can slide to :)
Why does mine go so slow :)
Teeder todder :)
Hydrangea :)
Lots and lots of hydrangeas :)

Friday Fish Fry & Fire Fly's

So we are here in Wisconsin :) And enjoying all the things about being back home :)
Evan being silly by the totum poll...yes my grandma and parents have a lovely totum poll! I have never been a fan of the poll however my grandmothers brother made it and it has been around forever!!! :)
My sister and her son came in on Friday...And Friday means Fish Fry for this family :) From left to right it is Evan, Theodore, my mom, my sister, me and Buzz :)
My Grandmothers brother also made this merry go hasn't worked in years and he has passed away but recently his son came to take a look at it and was able to fix it :) The boys were super excited about it!!! :)
Evan and his cousin Theodore playing peek-a-boo :)
What a better childhood memory than catching fire flies!!!
Evan in action :)
Poor little fire flies they are so big and so slow...easy to catch :)
Got em :)
Open the jar Grandma...
Got another one!!! Or 30 :)
Evan really liked catching fire flies :) He wanted to use them as a night light :) I don't know the last time I have seen any fire flies in Texas so it makes my heart happy that he was able to have this experience :)
Showing Buzz all the fire flies :)

Wisconsin here we come!!!

Grandma and Grandpa here I come!!!
My strong men getting all the bags as I take pictures to document the start of our trip :)

Mommy and Evan ready to go :)
Evan stopped everyone who would listen to show them his suitcase and tell them that he was going to see his Grandma and cute!
Evan getting his wings :) so sweet! He thought he was pretty cool :)

Waiting for take off :)

Leaving it in Gods hands :)
Evan looking thrilled that I wanted a picture :) The flight went really well except for 2 bouts of turbulence and the first one came out of nowhere so I tryed not to freak and told Evan to be quiet as he thought it was cool and very loudly said weee...woo...hoo! The 2nd time it came he just looked at me and said mommy why are your eyes closed...I'm just saying a prayer that it stops soon honey :)
We made it!!! And Grandma and Grandpa were waiting :)
We loaded up and headed to Buzzy's house :)

Evan giving his Great Grandma Buzzy a big hug after not seeing her for 11 months! :)
He wasted no time in finding and putting on a cheese hat :)
Cheese :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Firecracker, Firecracker,boom, boom, boom :)

What a weekend we had!!!
Evan got to go to the movies with girls allowed I was told :) I am already being left in the dust :) he he I actually enjoyed a manicure and pedicure :) woo hoo
4th of July morning we started by going to breakfast at Denny's...yum yum :)
Evan was feeling especially loving this morning :)
Some Daddy sugars as well :)
Here he is before we left...his flag visor that his Granny sent him and his sweet necklaces :)
Mckenzy, Evan and Madi hanging out while everyone was getting settled :)
Amber, Nash, Evan and I waiting for the Round Top parade...Amber is my dear friend who I have known since I moved to Texas!!! Her family has taken me in and I couldn't be more grateful!!!
My little 4th of July family! :)
Amber's dad (Captain) with some of the kiddos :)
Kiddo's with their goodie bags waiting for the parade to start :)

Let the parade begin :)
Evan enjoying his snow cone ( they even offered a pickle juice flavor) and of course we had some kettle corn :)

fun, fun had by everyone!
Deere crossing :)
LOVE the way they ended the parade! Longhorns and horses!!! So Texas :)
After the parade we were invited back to Aunt Peggy's and Uncle Kent's house...They have a beautiful home and we are so lucky to be included in such a wonderful family event :)
Put the cell phones down y'all it's time to have some good ol 4th of July fun!!!
Here is Evan on a grasshopper mission... he did this forever :)
My little nature boy did this forever!!! :)
The kids played bingo :)
And hit a pinata :) They really thought of everything :) Such fun!
Daddy and Evan got to do some fishing!!! So glad my boys were able to do some fishing together as we are about to go to Wisconsin for a month!

They did a great job catching fish :)

Here is Evan before he though it back :)
Evan...keeping his eye on that bobber :)
The sky was gorgeous, the day was wonderful!!! Absolutely had an amazing time with my family and our friends :)

Here is the best Daddy ever!!! He single handily got all the kids to line up and take turns! Love love, love my man :) All the other adults were doing a golf contest/ game thing and Bryan had the kid's under control :)
I can not get under my last picture to write- so:
The last picture is a picture of our little man passed out on the drive home :) We had such a good 4th of July! I am soooo blessed to have Bryan and Evan in my life and all the wonderful friends who have become family!!! Evan feel asleep and didn't make it to seeing fireworks...I guess it will be a first for another time :)