Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Swimming...swimming and more swimming :) It is HOT here and if we have a play date planned or not you will most likely find us at the pool :)
It's hard to see my crazy man here but he is a sliding :)
And more sliding :)
weeeeee......... :)
That boy loves to slide :)
And at Katie's bon voyage swim party here are my wild boys! :)
No fear... I mean really...He is crazy like his daddy :)
And today...even though my car wouldn't start we still made way to the pool :) And if you are wondering what Evan is holding then I guess you don't know him very well :) as he doesn't leave home with out some sort of bug :) no joke!
Evan sporting his new goggles...
They helped a little bit but he is not a huge fan...bless his heart- his eyes just burn because he keeps them open under the water all the time :( I was hopeful that the goggles would help...oh well...maybe we will find something :)

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