Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Buzzy

It's my grandmothers 83rd birthday!!! If you are wondering why we now call her Buzz or Buzzy it is because when Evan was born she would make a Buzz sound at him and pretend to get him and he would just crack up! So she became Grandma Buzz or Buzz or Buzzy :)
I don't remember how I snagged the first 2 picts but I am sure to get copy's to the rest of the family as they are just too good :) I don't know much about this one but I do know that my Grandma can rock a hat!!! Go Buzzy go :)
I love- love- love this one!!! As it truly captures her spirit!!! My Grandma is a wild one! I love that she has always been young at heart!
Here we are when I was 2 :) When I lived at home we saw or talked to her every day :)

So my grandma is really not just my grandma...In the city of Brookfield where I am from she is known as grandma Lil...aka the cookie lady...She worked as the head lunch room lady for nearly 40 years (I believe) before she finally retired :) like 2 or so years ago :) She even road in a convertable in the 4th of July parade... Go Grandma Go!!!
No this is not a very nice picture :) But one summer when I was home my sister and I had her put this on and take a picture :) See she ALWAYS use to wear this as a swim suit cover up on all our trips and hotel stays :) Memories!!!
And then we jump to the day she meet her first great grandchild...Evan :)
Evan's 2nd Halloween Buzzy came to see her little trick-or-treater :)
Buzzy and Evan :) Evan was 2 and we were home to meet my sisters new baby :)

Grandma: There are no words to describe the impact you have made in my life!!! I love you with all my heart! Thank you for being such a strong woman and role model in my life! Near or far you are ALWAYS in my heart!!! Evan is truly blessed to know such a wonderful woman!!! He will forever love and be touched by his Buzzy :) Below is his little piece for you :

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