Saturday, June 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Bryan :)

Today is my hubby's Birthday!!! So it is only right that he gets to have a walk down memory lane :)

What a cute baby he is :) I so love the blanket he is on :) A sign of the times....

Bryan with his blankie :)

That's my real Texas cowboy :)

Are you kidding me... I could just eat him up with those boots :) he he

I always knew he was a smart man :)

The hair and the smile I mean really how could you resist :)

Baseball baby :)
Young and innocent :)

FFA all the way...

Aww...sweet prom.....

Bryan the fisherman...

Got better with age :)

EVERY time I see this picture I think he was just a baby!!! So very, very proud of you Bry and I am so glad you got home safely! ( Right after Bryan got out of the military we meet :) )

We were at Mt. Bonnell just outside of Austin...I think this pict is funny... It looks like he is saying blah... blah... blah :)

Bryan with our first baby's :) Actually that is incorrect... our first pets together and I wish I had the pict on a cd was our mantellas & poisonous dart frogs.

Here's my man in Big Bend... From my post in May :) So proud of him for continuing to challenge himself with fitness goals such as his 100 mile( in one day) bike rides...sorry no pict and his 3 day hike in big bend...and all those still on the list of things he is going to accomplish... I know you will babe! I totally believe in you!!!

And I leave you with my man in a funny hat :) I thought he could pull it off but he felt like a paw paw so maybe not :) I wish I had more pictures on cd as there are still a lot of ones from our honeymoon until today that I could have included but I am really bad with storing my picts on cd.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRYAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so glad that God made you the man you are today and that I was lucky enough to become your wife!!! You are an amazing work very hard and give your family all that you have! You have given me a son and the gift of staying home with him! I will always be grateful! I hope today... on your 38th Birthday all your wishes come true!!! Evan and I love you very much!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Bryan! Hope you have a great day! I loved looking at all of his sweet!! Old pictures make me smile.