Friday, June 11, 2010

Blackberry picking & a sweet friend!

Evan's friend Ryleigh from school called (ok her mom did) to see if we wanted to do some last minute blackberry picking :) We were going to try and go last week but it didn't work out so it was a nice surprise to get the call today as we were free :)
Here is Evan, Ryleigh and her friend Eathan
Evan reaching for a big one :)
That's a beauty :)
Evan had a blast...He would have stayed all day!!! Even in the scorching heat :)
Evan showing Ryleigh the bug he found...did you think he wouldn't... he he he
Sharing a chair :)
And what better thing to do after a hot day at the orchard...why eat some blue ice cream with sprinkles and a friend :)
Evan and his big bowl of blackberry's :)
I'm going to eat it....... :)

AND THEN................................................

His sweet, sweet friend Katie (girlfriend according to him) asked if she could come by with a little something.......
It was a roly-poly playground!!! Are you kidding me!!! Does that sweet- sweet girl know the way to my little lads heart or what! I do not have a picture of Evan and Katie as she did not stay very long...I don't blame her Evan was not being a gentleman in the least :( Sorry Katie I will work on that before y'all's wedding :) he he... But a big big thank you for the super cool roly-poly house...Evan found 2 roly-polys right after you guys left :) Thank you sooooo much! Love you guys :)

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