Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Birthday boy is the best husband EVER :)

Saturday: We spent the day with Bryan's BFF :) he he...Evan always likes to sit with or on...Uncle John :)
John and Shae took us to this little pizza place that we have never been to before. It was yummy!

After lunch we let Evan cool off in the splash area :)

He had a ball :)

Sunday: We headed over to Bryan's mom's and did some swimming
The Birthday boy with his boy :)
My wild thing :)
Bry's 38th Birthday cake :)
GG with her boy and daddy with his :) Evan helping daddy blow out the candles :) GG makes the very BEST german chocolate cake!!!
And why is my husband the best EVER????? Because even though it was his birthday weekend today he bought me my very first new computer!!! Hello...I soooo LOVE it!!!! But felt very guilty as it was his Birthday and I was the one getting cool stuff... This is my first real computer :) My parents sent me off to college with a new word processor which I used to type papers I never had a real computer...Then when I meet my techno hubby he showed me e-mail exc :) & I have always used his hand me downs... last summer he even got me a small little thing to travel home with but it was a refurbished one so this beauty is my first real computer!!! Woo hoo.... I am feeling so high tech :) My old one bit the dust and the small one does not have a CD drive so I got this lovely :) Baby you are the best!!!! :)

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