Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Lot's of emotions... In 7 days Evan and I will be going to Wisconsin to visit my family!!! I am excited, nervous, happy, worried, and just about every other emotion you could throw into the mix. We will be there for 33 days...yes, you read that correctly 33 days! I am excited to see my family. I have not seen my grandma, sister and others in 11 months ( way to long) I miss them-I do and I am excited to see them! However, the thought of leaving my life and hubby and Evan's routine as we know it is a little worrisome. We have done this before and I am sure we are going to have a good time it just makes me a little nervous :) I do welcome the break :) Usually when Evan gets around my mom he becomes attached and I become chopped liver :) Which is good because for the first time since he has been born I am going to leave him overnight!!! And not just one night baby... I am going to leave him with my parents and fly to meet my hubby in Vegas for 3 nights!!! Woo hoo... I am SUPER excited about that! Four years is a long time and I look forward to my trip with Bryan... I know Evan will be in good hands and I am sure I will miss him like crazy but I am so grateful for this opportunity! Yeah....Thank you Bryan for the trip :) Thank you mom and dad for watching Evan and thank you Jo for watching our dogs and critters so we can go :) Everyone will be in good hands :)
TURBULENCE.......I sooooo do not like to fly! I get all worked up and nervous and sometimes even puke :( Not a good combo...especially when travailing with a child... I think it is mostly the turbulence :( I hate it!!! I have never liked being or feeling out of control...roller coasters have never been my thing...So let's just say I do a lot of praying before, during and after a flight! And this time I will be flying to WI then to Vegas back to WI and back to TX... holly flying batman! Yes, I have been praying about this long before I got the tickets :) It is funny...maybe I don't like to fly because I am getting older- I remember when I was in high school and we would fly as a family I thought maybe I could be a flight attendant :) Ha ha... hello Cory you are 5'10" he he... I guess I could have done international ( bigger plains) you should see the little thing I go to Wisconsin in... I can not even stand all the way up :( OR maybe it is because I had a HORRIBLE flight one time that the luggage was coming out of the over head compartments and we landed ( Thank you Lord) and had to walk to get back to the air port area...super duper scared me! Oh well, none the less in 7 days Evan and I will be on a plane headed back home :)
Wisconsin here we come!!!
Yesterday was a little rough with my little prince and myself... so I felt we needed to get out a bit :) So we went to pick some more black berry's...
My his smile looks almost pain full here :) He so did not want to stop and take pictures as he was too busy...
not looking for black berry's though as it is at the end of the season and it was really slim pickens! Like we were out there for almost an hour and got about 15 black berry's...hello...
However, we enjoyed the heat as we are soaking up as much as we can!!! I remember vividly last summer when we went back to Wisconsin wearing pants and a coat thinking it just isn't right :) and I truly enjoyed the beautiful sky and clouds!!! Super gorgeous today! And Evan enjoyed all the crickets...they were going crazy...literally jumping all over the place...so he captured some( got him down to 1) and asked the sweet orchard owner if he could have him to keep :) Woo hoo...It was a good day! Still a lot to do in the next 7 days to get ready to go but I enjoyed some good old outside mommy and Evan time!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This is for my girl Kirsten

Ok so this is for my girl Kristen...other wise known as Evan's future mother-in-law :) She is a dear friend and an amazing mommy! She just packed up her 3 children all age 4 and under and is driving from Houston to Cape Cod!!! In yes...her swagger wagon :) Bryan showed me this clip awhile ago and it is just to funny and since you are embarking on quite a journey I thought you might find some humor in this :) I love ya girl...here is to safe travels and a fun trip! :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Swimming...swimming and more swimming :) It is HOT here and if we have a play date planned or not you will most likely find us at the pool :)
It's hard to see my crazy man here but he is a sliding :)
And more sliding :)
weeeeee......... :)
That boy loves to slide :)
And at Katie's bon voyage swim party here are my wild boys! :)
No fear... I mean really...He is crazy like his daddy :)
And today...even though my car wouldn't start we still made way to the pool :) And if you are wondering what Evan is holding then I guess you don't know him very well :) as he doesn't leave home with out some sort of bug :) no joke!
Evan sporting his new goggles...
They helped a little bit but he is not a huge fan...bless his heart- his eyes just burn because he keeps them open under the water all the time :( I was hopeful that the goggles would help...oh well...maybe we will find something :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers day!

Fathers Day has come and gone as I was not prepared with my pictures :( However, these men are very important people in my life so even though this post may be late it is not forgotten :)

"Any man can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad" Anne Geddes

"Dad is someone to look up to no matter how tall I've grown." Anonymous
April 6, 2006...... The day my husband became a daddy :)
Evan(1year old) with his daddy :)
Evan with his Daddy this year on Fathers Day!!!
Bryan: Thank you for being such a good daddy! You give our son the gift only a Dad could give! For example with out you there wound be no Ang :) as girls are not allowed :) he he...I love the special moments that you two share! He and I are so very lucky to have you in our lives and I hope you always know that we love you and are eternally grateful for the gifts you have given us with me being able to stay at home and the time you give your family!!! We are truly blessed! :)
To my own dad: Thank you for making all the sacrifices you did while I was growing up...I'm sorry I had to become an adult to see all you did for us by working tirelessly to support our family! I must say the greatest gift is to see you with your grandson! We love you very much dad and we look forward to our visit very soon :)

To my Grandpa: You are no longer here on earth with us but I know you watch over me every day! I miss you so much! You were an amazing man! Thank you for letting me play beauty shop and fix your hair in crazy ways- thank you for slipping me beef jerky at church and at weddings :) Thank you for having such a big garden and taking such pride in it...as I was to young to take interest in it then I sure am enjoying my little one we have now :) Thank you for all the Oreo cookies :) Thank you for fighting as long as you did so we could have our Grandpa a little longer!!! You may have never meet your great grandson here on earth but I know you know him and he knows you :) I will see you again when it is time...until then I hope I make choices that make you proud! I love you more!!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Buzzy

It's my grandmothers 83rd birthday!!! If you are wondering why we now call her Buzz or Buzzy it is because when Evan was born she would make a Buzz sound at him and pretend to get him and he would just crack up! So she became Grandma Buzz or Buzz or Buzzy :)
I don't remember how I snagged the first 2 picts but I am sure to get copy's to the rest of the family as they are just too good :) I don't know much about this one but I do know that my Grandma can rock a hat!!! Go Buzzy go :)
I love- love- love this one!!! As it truly captures her spirit!!! My Grandma is a wild one! I love that she has always been young at heart!
Here we are when I was 2 :) When I lived at home we saw or talked to her every day :)

So my grandma is really not just my grandma...In the city of Brookfield where I am from she is known as grandma Lil...aka the cookie lady...She worked as the head lunch room lady for nearly 40 years (I believe) before she finally retired :) like 2 or so years ago :) She even road in a convertable in the 4th of July parade... Go Grandma Go!!!
No this is not a very nice picture :) But one summer when I was home my sister and I had her put this on and take a picture :) See she ALWAYS use to wear this as a swim suit cover up on all our trips and hotel stays :) Memories!!!
And then we jump to the day she meet her first great grandchild...Evan :)
Evan's 2nd Halloween Buzzy came to see her little trick-or-treater :)
Buzzy and Evan :) Evan was 2 and we were home to meet my sisters new baby :)

Grandma: There are no words to describe the impact you have made in my life!!! I love you with all my heart! Thank you for being such a strong woman and role model in my life! Near or far you are ALWAYS in my heart!!! Evan is truly blessed to know such a wonderful woman!!! He will forever love and be touched by his Buzzy :) Below is his little piece for you :

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Birthday boy is the best husband EVER :)

Saturday: We spent the day with Bryan's BFF :) he he...Evan always likes to sit with or on...Uncle John :)
John and Shae took us to this little pizza place that we have never been to before. It was yummy!

After lunch we let Evan cool off in the splash area :)

He had a ball :)

Sunday: We headed over to Bryan's mom's and did some swimming
The Birthday boy with his boy :)
My wild thing :)
Bry's 38th Birthday cake :)
GG with her boy and daddy with his :) Evan helping daddy blow out the candles :) GG makes the very BEST german chocolate cake!!!
And why is my husband the best EVER????? Because even though it was his birthday weekend today he bought me my very first new computer!!! Hello...I soooo LOVE it!!!! But felt very guilty as it was his Birthday and I was the one getting cool stuff... This is my first real computer :) My parents sent me off to college with a new word processor which I used to type papers I never had a real computer...Then when I meet my techno hubby he showed me e-mail exc :) & I have always used his hand me downs... last summer he even got me a small little thing to travel home with but it was a refurbished one so this beauty is my first real computer!!! Woo hoo.... I am feeling so high tech :) My old one bit the dust and the small one does not have a CD drive so I got this lovely :) Baby you are the best!!!! :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Bryan :)

Today is my hubby's Birthday!!! So it is only right that he gets to have a walk down memory lane :)

What a cute baby he is :) I so love the blanket he is on :) A sign of the times....

Bryan with his blankie :)

That's my real Texas cowboy :)

Are you kidding me... I could just eat him up with those boots :) he he

I always knew he was a smart man :)

The hair and the smile I mean really how could you resist :)

Baseball baby :)
Young and innocent :)

FFA all the way...

Aww...sweet prom.....

Bryan the fisherman...

Got better with age :)

EVERY time I see this picture I think he was just a baby!!! So very, very proud of you Bry and I am so glad you got home safely! ( Right after Bryan got out of the military we meet :) )

We were at Mt. Bonnell just outside of Austin...I think this pict is funny... It looks like he is saying blah... blah... blah :)

Bryan with our first baby's :) Actually that is incorrect... our first pets together and I wish I had the pict on a cd was our mantellas & poisonous dart frogs.

Here's my man in Big Bend... From my post in May :) So proud of him for continuing to challenge himself with fitness goals such as his 100 mile( in one day) bike rides...sorry no pict and his 3 day hike in big bend...and all those still on the list of things he is going to accomplish... I know you will babe! I totally believe in you!!!

And I leave you with my man in a funny hat :) I thought he could pull it off but he felt like a paw paw so maybe not :) I wish I had more pictures on cd as there are still a lot of ones from our honeymoon until today that I could have included but I am really bad with storing my picts on cd.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRYAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so glad that God made you the man you are today and that I was lucky enough to become your wife!!! You are an amazing man...you work very hard and give your family all that you have! You have given me a son and the gift of staying home with him! I will always be grateful! I hope today... on your 38th Birthday all your wishes come true!!! Evan and I love you very much!!!