Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sweet Sundays

Maybe I should have named this trailer park momma... Reviewing the pictures I am questioning my mothering :) he he he First of all yes...yes my child is wearing the same outfit as yesterday and that is because he fell asleep on the way home last night and I just put him in his bed :) And this morning we hurried out of the house to grab some breakfast :)
Here he is petting Tessa's sweet :) And yes we have a tent in the living room and yes I let him use all the pillows from the couch :)
Daddy trimmed some of the trees today. Evan liked to take the flowers off. I love the sound of the chain saw and the way the yard looks after Bryan mows :) Thanks babe :)

When Evan and I ran out to the craft store we made an impromptu stop at the wild yellow flowers... we have been seeing them for awhile now so I just decided to stop :) It wasn't a really full patch for some good pict's ( not that he was dressed for pict's anyway he he) but Evan had fun none the less :)
Hello :)
And here is my wild man on the trampoline...and no the trampoline does not have a netting around it... I know- I know...
We kinda acquired the trampoline and we thought we could buy the safety netting but we can not find one to fit :( We are considering buying a new one because he does enjoy it :)
Here Bryan is getting some of our herbs to use in dinner :) I love it!!! It may be a small garden but it is growing...and I think that is cool :)
So there you have it :) A carefree Sunday :) I promise I gave my child a bath and sent him to bed with fresh p.j's :) But the tent stays for awhile because his Uncle John gave it to him for his Birthday and he enjoys it :) And why not- life is too short :)

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