Sunday, May 2, 2010

Since my last post

So if anyone is still reading this blog this is what we have been up to since my last post...and if not well my blog scrap book is now updated :) he he
Going down the zip line at K2 gymnastics-open play day
Hanging on the bars :)
GG meet us at Chipotle for dinner :)
Silly willies-
I know you found him & love him but he must be free :)
The front of a huge inflatable slide Evan went down :)
Evan and Daddy planting the garden...I swear this kid is my Grandpa re-incarnated :)
Daddy showing Evan how to plant the onions :) Evan SO loves name it :)
Time to water everything :)
Katie came over for a play date :)
Evan & Ben friend off to our first try at a moms group :)
So I gave into 4yr old peer pressure... Evan sooooo wanted crocs and he not only got crocs he got the scooby doo ones :) One happy little boy! Well until he broke them 3 days later...don't worry they were able to be fixed :)
Evan headed down the trail with some sticks...
And there was some rock throwing :)
We went to build- a- bear with Katie and her siblings :)
Bryan took us to an Asian market for breakfast and we happened to run into Ong Noi :) A sweet surprise :)
Evan liked all the fresh sea food at the market...he did not like it when we told him he could not have a live crab for a pet :) Sorry little man :)
Evan and Daddy checking out Daddy's new I-pad
Starting some play do fun :)
Evan and Daddy putting a fence around the garden as Tessa and Lilly decided this week that they enjoyed eating onions :) Silly dogs... And we are feeling like master gardeners (he he) as our tomato's are a growing :) Yippee :)

So that's about what we have been up to lately :) Hopefully I will not fall asleep with Evan this week so I can post more regularly like I like to :) Have a good week everyone!

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