Thursday, May 27, 2010

Outside fun with friends

Boy did we have a day :) Our sweet friends invited us over for a fun filled splash day :) And I know I have said it before but holly cow is it hot for only being May :) Such a nice way to kick off Evan's summer pre-school ended yesterday :)
They started with a water gun fight :)
Did some slip and sliding :)
And even with all the sprinklers and slip and slide and swing set they both wanted to be in the water bucket :)
Here is Tristan waiting his turn for water bucket fun :)
They did awesome at taking turns and sharing...not just in the oh so fun bucket (he he) but really they did great all day!
Funny friends :)
Evan got in baby Tessie's pool :) She is such a peanut :)
They had a popsicle :)
Road on the 4-wheeler...
And did some art...I mean really could it get any better!!! I think not :)

And as I do every night after we say our prayers I ask Evan what the best part of his day was and tonight he said....being outside :) Soooo sweet it makes the sun burn Mommy (I) got worth it :) About 2 mins after he said he had another favorite part and I said and what was that and his reply was not going to school... Good thing we have all summer to have fun and get more excited for our last year of pre-school :)

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