Sunday, May 9, 2010

On the road to recovery

So Evan woke up this morning wanting ice cream :) We did have him eat some good food fist and then we gave in and let him have some ice cream...I was a bit nervous but he keep it down :) his appetite was pretty good today :) But I am still having trouble getting liquids into this child! The first part of the day he had energy and wanted to be busy but by mid afternoon and early evening he was pooped... We are definitely on the mends :) Not 100% yet but working on it :)
He only ate a little bit of it but he sure enjoyed it while he was eating it :)
I know this looks like a strange picture but I was so happy to take it :) It is my nature loving baby getting some snails off the rock :)
Finding simple pleasures in being outside again :)
Nice face Evan :) I thought he looked funny with the lattice over his head :) We stopped at Home Depo to get some things for the garden :) We are loving our garden :) We will see how much we love it as it gets hotter... he he he :)

Over all it was a nice and quiet Mothers Day...for me anyway :) Bryan on the other hand taught a cycle class, mowed the lawn, packed for his Big Bend hiking trip and his Atlanta trip he had a long to do list and still managed to let me escape to get a manicure and pedicure... thanks baby :) I sooooo love my boys!!!

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  1. I'm so glad to see Evan is on the road to recovery! Bless his heart! What a number that stomach bug did on him! I hope he gets better and better each day and that his doctor's appointment goes well tomorrow. Take care and let me know if you need anything.