Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

I had a lot more pictures for this post but with Evan being sick and the surprise hospital visit I did not get the time to go to Walgreen's to get them done... So I am going to roll with what I do have :)

I would like to point out some special woman in my life on Mothers Day :)

May she who gave you birth be happy.
Proverbs 23:25

This is my Grandma and Evan :)
She plays a huge roll in my life. She lives 7 miles away from my parents and when I lived at home we saw her just about every day. She helped me babysit at a young age, took me to bingo, taught me how to drive and would do or give anything for her family. She is a farm girl at heart. She's as strong as cast iron and as warm as a chocolate chip cookie :) Not only have my sister and I been blessed to have her in our lives but our son's have had the honor as well :) Oh how she loves those little boys!!! :) And we love her :)

This is my mom and Evan
This is my mom. Where do I begin with my own mom... For she brought me into this world. And I'm sure wanted to take me out on several occasions :) But she never did :) Her patients is amazing! God made her a natural giver. She gives to me and my sister, she gives to her mother and her grandsons and she asks for nothing in return. Her love is unconditional! I can call her at anytime and know she is there. Even though there are 1200 miles between us the love is always there. Sometimes we hurt the ones we love most. Thank you for having a forgiving heart and hearing what's been left unsaid. And even when my days are busy and I seem rushed please know Mom that I love you very much! I can only pray I will be as good a mom to Evan as you were and are to me. I love you mom!!!

I had to include this one it was just to funny :) he he

Bryan's mom and Evan
This is my mother in law. The woman who raised the man I call my husband :) She has incredible strength. She raised two boys on her own while working full time. There is not much she can not handle on her own. But as independent as she is she has quite the giving heart. She took care of both her parents and now takes care of her other grandchildren. She has always been very kind to me. Thank you Jo- Thank you for raising such a wonderful man and letting him create a family with me. I know I am not always the ideal daughter in law but I am so thankful to be a part of your family.

Me and my baby :)
There was suppose to be a picture of Bryan here...but since there isn't I will just say what I was going to say anyway :) If it wasn't for you I would not be a mother today! Thank you for giving me the gift of being a mommy :)

Mommy is my new name. I guess it's not so new it has been that now for 4 years but four years is a short time in this process called motherhood. See, I am learning everyday. Most days I feel Evan is teaching me more than I teach him. It's a difficult job this mommy position and some days I wish to resign, but those are the days I am most learning from. I am not a perfect mother by any means I just do the best I can and pray I give my son what he needs. For every day with him is a gift!!!

This is my sister and her baby Theodore
My baby sister became a mother in July 2008! Her strengths as a mother are many. She works very hard and is passionate about giving her young son all life has to offer. I am very proud of her! My only wish is that we lived she resides in Iowa and I in Texas our visits are short and few between. I wish our boys could build a bond that family should have but I know she and I do the best we can with the distance :) Love you sista :)

Evan and Aunt Barbara
She is not my mothers real sister I think technically she is a cousin but she has been very much a part of the family. Aunt Barbara has a grown son and I have always felt like her honorary daughter. She babysat me for a little while when I was small and we have always had a connection. I admire her strength in marriage and her faith! She loves her granddaughters and I feel very lucky to have her in my life!

AND TO MY GIRLFRIENDS: As mothers we gain strength, knowledge and peace from one another. I believe God has placed many positive woman in my life who have truly helped me along this journey we call motherhood. You all have so many strengths and quality's I admire. Thank you dear friends for your gift of friendship!!!

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