Sunday, May 16, 2010

Function over fashion

Is it really time to let go of those shoes? You know the ones...they are way in the back of the closet with the dust on them. They are the reminder of your single life- life before children. They still have the hole from the motorcycles exhaust pipe. The motorcycle that I haven't been on now in at least 5 years. But they remind you of the good ole-days :) when we lived careless and free but didn't even know it. Don't get me wrong- I wouldn't change my flip flop mommy lifestyle for anything but those shoes- those shoes were worn by the girl who let go and hoped on the back of her mans motorcycle and we were off- off with the wind riding care free with the breeze. I even dreamt of driving my own bike one day. These days I chase after a bike, a bike that a 4 year old rides and I'm not sure I would risk it all to loose that. But boy were those some fun days :) As I was cleaning out the closet today I ran into some old memories :)

How about the 2 brides made dresses I wore for my dear-dear friend! Engaged and smaller with the first dress and a mother with a larger size in the second dress :)

Or the outfit I wore when we got engaged or the outfit I wore at our rehearsal dinner or to my grandfathers funeral.

The robe I took to the hospital when I had Evan. They said to pack one in case you have to stay. I never wore it and yet every time I see it there I think of the day I gave birth to him.

And the t-shirt that is sooo big and has so many holes you can hardly call it a t-shirt anymore :) You know you have your very own version of the Mr. Mom flannel. :) he he

So should they stay or should they go... to make room for more memories I will take pictures of the past and have room for the present- BUT the Wisconsin heifer t-shirt I got right before I moved here you know back in 1994- ya, that stays :) It doesn't have as many holes as the other one anyway :) he he

I should have taken a before and after picture but I thought of that when I already had most of the stuff out of the closet :) It turned out nice though :) And if you were wondering what my little love child was doing as I was cleaning the closet...why he was playing with legos and blocks and animals. Thanks to our sweet neighbors for giving us some new to us legos :) Evan had a blast :)

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