Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bryan's Big Bend Trip

So Bryan and his two buddy's did a guys backpacking trip in Big Bend :) It was 4 nights and 5 days as they came home a day early...Sorry for the picture overload but I just LOVE all the mountains and of course the people in them :) So I had a hard time narrowing it down.

John( Bryan's best friend since they were 9 yrs old) Patrick, and Bryan :)

Their tents...I think this was the first night before they headed out :)

Bryan and John

Where's Waldo... I mean Bryan...can you see him? If not I posted a closer shot below :)

There he is :)

The guys getting everything ready the first day and doing a little exploring before day 1 of the backpacking :)

Uncle John does awesome photography :) I think the yellow butterfly on a flower is for Evan :) he he

Bryan and Patrick with their backpacks on ready to head out :)

My baby in the mountains :)

Quite the terrain and first day...

Doing some navigation :)

And there those backpackers go!

Can you see Patrick... What a steep hill :)

Who knew a poky cactus could bloom so beautiful :)

Must keep going!!!

Even as it gets darker and...


They ran into a lot of unwanted friends out in the Mr. Tarantula and...

Mr. Rattle snake :)

But they made it to civilization and had some sweet- sweet Whataburger :)

I should have had Bryan do this post as the beautiful pictures do not do the story's of near death experiences that they faced :( Soooo glad they all made it home safe and sound and all in one piece :) Love you my wilderness man and friends :)

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