Sunday, May 9, 2010

A brave little warrior

So Evan had vomiting and diarrhea and a headache since Tuesday at 1:30 in the morning. Just when I thought he was getting better it would take a turn for the worse again :( I got the same bug but mine only lasted a little more than 24 hours. The doctor had prescribed Zofran earlier in the week but by Friday enough was enough! We took him to the pediatrician at 9:30 Saturday morning she admitted us to the hospital due to his dehydration which is what I was most concerned with.
Here we are snuggling as best as you can in a hospital bed :) ( not a pretty picture of me I know) Before he knew what was about to happen... I knew getting an iv in was not going to be fun as he pitched a fit at the pediatrician's office over everything...even getting on the scale!
It took 5 adults to hold him down and get the iv in...bless his little heart!!! My poor sweet boy- I was so grateful that my dear friend was working that day on another floor was able to come down and see us and help :)
Daddy ran down to the gift shop and got him a stuffed animal :) Thanks Daddy! After the IV was in and he stopped trying to get it out he watched some scooby doo :) And some other shows he has never seen before as we do not have cable.
I was even able to capture a little bit of a smile :) He did ask me about every 10 or so mins to take it out and that he wanted to go home :( poor thing...
Me and my baby :)
Having a lolly pop and waving at the paparazzie :)
Daddy ran home to let the dogs out to potty and get a few things from the house because we still didn't know if we were going to have to spend the night or not...Evan requested his Lego's :) He actually did quite well with his IV and all :)
In the 8 and a half hours we were there Evan and Daddy played some plants vs zombies on the I-pad :)
Finally we were able to go home!!! :) Nurse Brook was cutting off the gauze and about to take the IV out :) Yippee!!!
And my brave little warrior was fast asleep before we even hit the main road home :)

All week with Evan being sick it was really hard. He is my spirited little man and with him being sick that was not the case. He can be a wild one and it can make me crazy but while he was sick this week I missed my little fire ball :) I missed everything that makes him him... and I prayed- I prayed that God would heal his little body... that he would feel better soon... I know there are so many kids out there that are still sick and parents who pray so hard. For us I believe it was just a little bug but for so many it is reality... I pray for the children and family's of children who are terminally ill. It is very apparent that God holds the ultimate plan...he is truly our father and when he calls us home we may not know when it may be but it will fit his plan not ours. This week I also missed just doing the stuff that Evan and I do together and last night when I was looking at some of the blogs I follow I saw this link and I feel in love! I watched it 3 times and look forward to reading her book. I thought I would share it with ya'll :)

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  1. Oh, bless his heart...that doesn't look like fun. Sounds like he did better than Landon would of done. What a warrior! I bet that was a very long day at the hospital! And, thanks for posting that video. I think I need to watch that everyday to remind myself to cherish it all, good and bad because it will be gone in a flash. Things have been so tough around here lately and I needed that reminder. Can't wait to buy the book and watch the video again!