Sunday, May 30, 2010

Another first

I love firsts :) First smile, first steps, first bite of cake. There are not many firsts in our lives and once they happen it is gone. So I LOVE to be able to experience the firsts with Evan :) Last summer he learned how to swim. He did it very well. No floaties or anything :) He would dive down to the bottom and get the pool toys and he would go down the big slide. So today being his second time in the pool this season needless to say I was a little nervous when he wanted to attempt the diving board. But this is where his firery, persistent, fearlessness shines- so with out any hesitation on his part he stepped on the board walked to the end and took the plunge...only to come up wanting to do it 100 more times :) So as much as his strong willed personality can make me crazy I sooo love to see him soar!!!
Here he is with another first ( I know I am crazy :) ) gushers... he saw them at Kroger yesterday and wanted to give them a try...they were a no go :( yuck he said he he he
2 thumbs up... I am ready to get in the car and go swimming at GG's :) His hair is killing me!!! He wants to grow it out as I usually keep it in a really tight buzz...we will see how long I can take it :)
Evan with his cousins and GG in the background :) Waiting for adult swim to end :)
Let the splashing begin :)
Me and my crazy boys!!! :)
Evan takes the plunge :)
Yes I did tread water in 10 feet deep to get this shot :) And yes, Bryan was freaking out about my camera getting wet... but it was so worth it :) Love my little fish :)

Good times baby :)
Crazy goggle boy :) He always opens his eyes so we tried these goggles but they didn't last long :)
Evan's excitement even made me want to join in :) I busted out my old school back flip :) he he he
Here is Daddy style :)
We may be getting older but we still got it going on :) he he he... I am sure if Evan knew better he would tell us we were embarrassing :)

We had fun at the pool and enjoyed a wonderful dinner at GG's house!!! Thanks for having us over GG we love you! :)

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  1. Wow, that is awesome!! Way to go fearless Evan! We are still working on even getting Landon to go in the deep water with us holding him...he's so afraid and cautious. He starts lessons again tomorrow at Fleet. Should be interesting! :)

    And, way to go you for doing an old school back flip off the diving board! So funny! Looks like y'all had a blast. Jason said today at the pool that he didn't want to look like a fool jumping off the diving board...I'll have to show him your pictures!