Thursday, April 22, 2010

Good bye my sweet, sweet girl....

It sucks and it hurts and there is nothing I can do... So here is what I'd like to say to you.

Thank you for opening my heart to a world I never knew before. Thank you for being the sweetest most gentle soul I have ever known. For your patients with Evan and your 2 other dogie sisters is/was immeasurable.

I will miss how you talk to me- woo woo :) I will miss your snoring at my feet every night. I will miss your tail wagging and your sweet eyes.

There will be a Newfoundland size hole in my heart! But you will now have no pain, no aching bones, just the peace you deserve. Be free my sweet girl- be free from the pain you have suffered. And know we love you today, tomorrow and until we meet again!

I have only put a few pictures on this post..if you want to see more of my sweet Zoey (Big Momma) refer to the post I wrote about her 10th Birthday in January :)

Evan loves his dogie sisters :)

Ummm...Evan get off of Zoey...( our gentle giant)

Evan loved helping with Zoey's baths :)

Sweet sugar :)

Evan reading to his big sister Zoey...

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