Saturday, April 17, 2010


Here is Evan with the Easter bunny :) He also took pictures with 2 live bunny's Lucy and Lola which he loved even when the one scratched up his face :( He is such an animal lover :)

Mommy's little bunny :)

I can not believe he is wearing his Thanksgiving pajamas on Easter....really where is my head :) He is holding up a little Woodie figurine from the movie Toy Story :)

Hugging the blue fuzzy bunny that came in the box of goodies his Grandparents and Buzzy :)

The Easter basket his GG gave him :)

Bryan made Peeps sushi :) Too cute!

GG with her yams...she used the colored peeps and chick marshmallows on top...she made all the food :) She rocks!!! Got to love GG :) Looking pretty in pink I must say :)

Evan and his cousins had an Easter egg hunt at GG's

Evan and his cousins...Kira, Maya and Evan :)

Evan and Uncle John
After GG's house we stoped by our friend Polly and Casey's house...Sweet family :)

Uncle John, Evan, Connor and Casey all watching Evan's dinosaur egg hatch :) Super cool...The boys loved it :)

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