Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bayou Wildlife Park

So Evan was suppose to have a petting zoo and pony ride Birthday party but we had to cancel it so while my parents were here we got to go to the Bayou Wildlife Park in Alvin and it was such a good time!!! It didn't take very long to get there and Evan really had a blast! :)
The family...well except for Daddy...he had to work :( We missed you Daddy-
The wild and crazy eating emus :)
They sure were messy eaters :)
This Momma had her baby only a few hours earlier :)
Hello Momma :)
The Beef-a-low tried to get the bucket of food :)
I forgot what these are called they look like Zebra's but they have brown stripes :)
Alice the camel :) he he
I loved this guy...he liked to eat and boy did he have a huge tongue :) I can't remember what he is called but unlike the longhorns he has a blood supply in his horns- so if anything would happen to his horns he could bleed to death...
Evan feeding the deer :)
Evan riding on Elizabeth :)
Feeding the horse that is over 30 years old :) Sweet thing...
Evan trying to feed the baby- watch out Evan here comes her Momma :)

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