Thursday, April 22, 2010

Good bye my sweet, sweet girl....

It sucks and it hurts and there is nothing I can do... So here is what I'd like to say to you.

Thank you for opening my heart to a world I never knew before. Thank you for being the sweetest most gentle soul I have ever known. For your patients with Evan and your 2 other dogie sisters is/was immeasurable.

I will miss how you talk to me- woo woo :) I will miss your snoring at my feet every night. I will miss your tail wagging and your sweet eyes.

There will be a Newfoundland size hole in my heart! But you will now have no pain, no aching bones, just the peace you deserve. Be free my sweet girl- be free from the pain you have suffered. And know we love you today, tomorrow and until we meet again!

I have only put a few pictures on this post..if you want to see more of my sweet Zoey (Big Momma) refer to the post I wrote about her 10th Birthday in January :)

Evan loves his dogie sisters :)

Ummm...Evan get off of Zoey...( our gentle giant)

Evan loved helping with Zoey's baths :)

Sweet sugar :)

Evan reading to his big sister Zoey...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Chuck E Cheese...exc

Mom and Evan at Chuck E Cheese
This is not a great picture but it is the last picture I have of Evan and his Grandma :( Monday they were having fun at Chuck E's and then Monday night Evan had a fever and was not feeling good for the rest of her visit :( Mom left on Wednesday and we were both sad to see her go :( Evan was her little side kick and misses her much :) I really appreciated the break :) And time together. Thanks Mom and Dad we love you much!!! Hope to see you soon :)

Butterfly festivel

Silly Grandpa :)
Grandpa went back to Wisconsin...we will miss you Grandpa-
Our friends invited us to their churches Butterfly festival :)
Nutsy coogan Mr. Steve, baby Tess, Tristan and Evan :)
Waiting for the magic show to begin :)
After the show- got to pet the bunny :)
Evan loved this monkey :)
Sweet thing :)

And here was the release of butterfly's :)

Scooby pinyata

Mom and I took Evan to Build a bear...
He made a he so loves the How to train your dragon movie :)
Super hero underwear was a part of Grandpa's Birthday gift...he he he Now you have some just like me Grandpa...says Evan :)
All this child cared about was a I took him to party city and let him pick one out...we ended up with Scooby doo
He decided he would share it with his first he so didn't want to :)
Whack in it :)
Scooby doo masks :)
Singing Happy Birthday :)
Blowing out his candles...
Evan and his Great Aunt Leigh...

His little family party was not what I would have really wanted for him but it worked out just fine :) All is well :) He truly enjoyed every minute with his Grandma and Grandpa and that is all that really matters :)

Bayou Wildlife Park

So Evan was suppose to have a petting zoo and pony ride Birthday party but we had to cancel it so while my parents were here we got to go to the Bayou Wildlife Park in Alvin and it was such a good time!!! It didn't take very long to get there and Evan really had a blast! :)
The family...well except for Daddy...he had to work :( We missed you Daddy-
The wild and crazy eating emus :)
They sure were messy eaters :)
This Momma had her baby only a few hours earlier :)
Hello Momma :)
The Beef-a-low tried to get the bucket of food :)
I forgot what these are called they look like Zebra's but they have brown stripes :)
Alice the camel :) he he
I loved this guy...he liked to eat and boy did he have a huge tongue :) I can't remember what he is called but unlike the longhorns he has a blood supply in his horns- so if anything would happen to his horns he could bleed to death...
Evan feeding the deer :)
Evan riding on Elizabeth :)
Feeding the horse that is over 30 years old :) Sweet thing...
Evan trying to feed the baby- watch out Evan here comes her Momma :)

Grandma and Grandpa's visit :)

Wednesday & Thursday....

Evan and my parents in the bluebonnets :)
Evan and Granny :)
Me and my baby :)
Evan's favorite get someone to play games with him :) They are playing Elefun :)
The big release.....................we took the snake to our reptile guy and it seems as if we wouldn't be able to feed him properly so we had to release him :( Poor Evan...he sooooo loved his pet snake he had for all of 2 days :) My poor little man...
Eric ( our reptile guy :) ) and Evan feeding the camen :)
It jumped up and ate that rat really fast :)
I was pretty much a mess the whole time my parents were here :( See I have come to the realisation that we are going to have to put my sweet, sweet Zoey dog down :( And I am heart broken!!! I thought it would be best if we did it while my parents were here because then when I would be upset Evan could be with them...This however did not happen...Zoey is still with us and it sucks... Having to put her down just sucks!!! I will continue to pray for the strength to make that decision! My head knows it would be best for her but my heart is not allowing such a thing :( I know I am being selfish and keeping her around for me but how do you let go of something you love so much??? She is my first ever... how do I drive her to the her die...and leave with out her...ya I can get her ashes but really...really I ask you how do you do it??? OK enough about that for now...I just feel bad.. I feel like my parents got ripped off of a good vacation because I was emotionally drained with this decision....Sorry Mom and Dad...Thanks for being awesome understanding parents :)

Evan's 4th Birthday...

I am 4 today!!! :)
I always make number cookies for the age that Evan is and this year I just ran out of time and felt like a horrible mom :( He said he just wanted chocolate chip cookies so I got him a huge chocolate chip cookie with lots of frosting and the number 4 :) Even though I did not make it I think the kids liked it just the same :)
His class singing Happy Birthday to him :)
Evan and Kobe
Evan and Aubry
We left school and went to the airport to pick up Grandma and Grandpa :) Woo hoo!!! Evan was so excited to see them as we haven't seen them in 8 months... I think he could have taken Grandpa's suitcase off the belt all by himself :)
Evan with his Grandma and Grandpa( my parents :) )
Grandma watching Evan make a wish :)
All of us enjoying a very yummy Chuy's Birthday dinner :)
Daddy...what is it????????????????
NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!
A SNAKE..........................
Oh how I love this snake :)
Your the best Daddy in the whole world :)
more to come with the snake...