Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Welcome back to Texas

Bryan's cousin Janet and her two children Julie and Nathan came to Texas from Tennessee for there spring break :) There last visit to Texas was when I was pregnant with Evan :) So Monday night the 3 of us went to Bryan's mom's for dinner and yesterday Evan and I went to the Rodeo with them! Evan and I were only going to go for a little bit since we have already gone but ended up staying for the concert and everything :) It was a fun night!
Julie, Janet and Nathan :)
Julie and Evan at Bryan's moms before going to the rodeo :) We had cooler weather so he got to wear his cowboy outfit! :)
Again in the big John Deere tractor tire...but I cut off his John Deere boots :( oh well :)
Evan loving all the animals :)
Evan getting buckled into his first roller coaster :) Mommy was more nervous than Evan :) His cousins Kira and Maya behind him :)
I couldn't get a good shot of his face...but he LOVED it!!!
The Dragon :)
Evan(holding back a yawn), me and his GG( Bryan's mom) before the concert :)
3 kids, 3 teenagers, 3 adults with margarita's :) woo hoo :)
The kiddos after the concert was over...on the way out of the building :)
3 kids picked one of the 3 teenagers to carry them down the stairs :)
It was a very long and fun day for all :)

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