Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Rodeo

So today we took Evan to the Rodeo! I call it the rodeo but really we didn't go to the rodeo part. We went to see the livestock and to the carnival part the actual rodeo part is before the concerts at night. We have always taken him to the livestock part but this was his first year to enjoy the carnival :) The weather has been so nice the past few days I just couldn't make Evan wear his Cowboy outfit :( And it is a good thing I didn't because it ended up being so nice all 3 of us had a small sun burn. I guess I have to get the sun screen out :)

Evan and Daddy about to go in...they were just opening :) He so wanted to go on the Farris wheel but he wasn't tall enough :)
Evan loved the petting zoo :) He went to the inside and outside one :)
We meet our friends there as well. This is Evan and Devon looking at a big bunny :)

This is really not a good picture :( but the boys loved ridding on there Daddy's shoulders to get a better look at the animals :)
Evan in the wheel of a Huge John Deere tractor :)
Driving another tractor :)
Hey Grandpa...see me up here! :)
Picking out the lasso he has been wanting for a long time...(when ever we see any animals while driving he says he needs a lasso to wrestle them up :)
He is all ready to lasso up all the animals :)
Ummm Meat :)
Evan with his buddy Devon his brother Cooper and Mommy Kristie :)
Yippee!!! I am tall enough :)
Riding down the giant slide with Daddy a few times and then alone :) Go Boys go :)
Evan's first Carnival game...
Wow we both won a scooby :) Happy little boys :)
OK OK OK I am sorry to say son but one day you may read the blog scrap book I am going to make and question this and if you do all I can say is we saved a lot of money and you were so happy to win a scooby :) And if you are a parent who is planning on taking your little love to the rodeo for a few extra tickets they give the option that everyone wins if they get the ball in or not. So mom's and dads save some money and little loves get excited to win( I use this term lightly ) a prize :) Very smart thinking on there part :) So yes Evan and Devon "won" a prize :) It does seem a little well not right but you know our parents wish they had this option as they had us killing their wallets or walking away with tears :) It is a new day isn't it...
Watching them make cotton candy :)
And then enjoying some cotton candy :)
Pooped!!! It was a long fun filled day for our little love :)

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