Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Momma's Little Cowboy

11 days!!! It has been 11 days since my last post :( I have started a 5am boot
camp which has me waking up at 4 am- I really like it but because I am up so early I am going to bed with Evan at night :) I was going to do a week in review but as you probably already know I take mass quantity's of pictures in a week so I am going to just start here :)

Yesterday was Rodeo day at Evan's school :) It was so cute! I could just eat my little cowboy up!!! Bryan is taking Friday off and we are going to the Big Houston Livestock and Rodeo Show...can't wait! Evan is going to have a blast :)
Here is my little cowpoke :) Sporting his Texas flag shirt, wrangler jeans and his John Deer Boots! He said...I wonder if they have these boots in Grandpa's size :) He loves that Grandpa!!!
My very first Houston Rodeo (16 or so years ago)I saw a little one wearing this shirt and thought it was so cute! Can't believe my very own little cutie is sporting it :) he he
Holster up the shooters cowboy :)
See Mommy I can wear my cowboy hat in my car seat! :)
This is Evan and Alexis. They meet when they were about 4 months old at stroller fit. They have both been at the same pre school now since they were a year and a half but not in the same class. More recently Alexes ( and her mommy) started going to our gym so they have been playing in the kids club together :) She came up to him and it was so cute!
They had a ton of games and rodeo activities for the kids. This one you carried beans to the other side and tried not to spill them. They also had biscuits toss and washer toss and play animals exc :)
His class did a few dances. This was a lasso dance :)
Milking the cow :)
Ride em cowboy!!!

Evan with his teacher :)

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