Sunday, March 21, 2010

Food, Fun & Friendship :)

So my dear friend Brittany who moved to Oklahoma a few months ago was in town this weekend for a wedding and we were able to spend a few hours together! It was so good to see her :) I miss her so much! And Evan misses his buddy Blake as well :( But I am so grateful to have seen her on Saturday- sooner than I thought we would be able to get together. A Big Huge THANK YOU to Bryan for keeping Evan for 5 hours as I meet Brittany in Tomball- Target of course for some Starbucks and shopping :) And then we went to The Woodlands for lunch at Cheddars. I truly enjoyed taking off the Mommy hat for a few hours and just got to be with my friend :)
I really had a good time with you friend!!! Can't wait until we can get together again :)
On the left is Brittany's mom- Fafa :) & me...On the right is Hillary her daughter Cora and Brittany... The man at the table is Hillary's son Wesly :) I have never eaten at a Cheddars...It was yummy!

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