Saturday, March 27, 2010

An Egg-Venture

Toys-R-Us was having an egg venture today so we thought we would check it out. My dear friend Pilar meet us up there with her nieces. It wasn't as cool as we had hoped but we had a fun day anyway :)
My flower child on the way there :)
Alex, Evan and Bella ready for some eggs but you just collected 3 egg stickers...

At the end you got to color a Crayola 3-d picture :)
So we bought some pre-filled eggs and headed to the park for our own egg-venture :)
The kids had a ball :)
Evan collecting eggs :)
The 3 of them checking out there goodies :) Then we played on the playground and went for a nature walk...we all had fun :) We couldn't have asked for a prettier day :)
My silly goose with his 3 d glasses on at dinner :) We had to stop at Office Depot before dinner and they actually had the same set they colored at Toys-R-Us on clearance...whoo hoo :)

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