Monday, March 29, 2010


BLUEBONNETS!!! Evan and I soooooo LOVE the BLUEBONNETS :) He loves them because he loves flowers! I think he has a part of my Grandpa in him... he loved to be out side in his garden and such and that is Evans favorite environment :) I just love that it is the Texas state flower and that it is a wildflower and they are so pretty :) I wish they came more often :) The roadside looks so pretty :) Evan and I usually go several times to visit the Bluebonnets but today was our first and the hill we usually go to must have been mowed or something because there were none :( Even this patch was the largest we found and it was slim pickens compared to previous years :( I guess it is our wacky weather lately... I know it is not because of all the other Mothers and myself who let their children pick some :)
Run for the hills :)

He would have picked every last flower if I would have let him :)

Cheese :)
I think this one is my favorite :)
My very happy flower child :)

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