Monday, March 29, 2010


BLUEBONNETS!!! Evan and I soooooo LOVE the BLUEBONNETS :) He loves them because he loves flowers! I think he has a part of my Grandpa in him... he loved to be out side in his garden and such and that is Evans favorite environment :) I just love that it is the Texas state flower and that it is a wildflower and they are so pretty :) I wish they came more often :) The roadside looks so pretty :) Evan and I usually go several times to visit the Bluebonnets but today was our first and the hill we usually go to must have been mowed or something because there were none :( Even this patch was the largest we found and it was slim pickens compared to previous years :( I guess it is our wacky weather lately... I know it is not because of all the other Mothers and myself who let their children pick some :)
Run for the hills :)

He would have picked every last flower if I would have let him :)

Cheese :)
I think this one is my favorite :)
My very happy flower child :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

How to train your dragon

Today Bryan and Evan worked a little in the yard- sorry no pict's :) he he And then we had lunch with Uncle John and Aunt Shae for my Birthday :) Salid at Jason's Deli as Game On 3 is on :) Then Bryan surprised us by taking us to the movies :) It was How To Train Your Dragon in 3D. I thought it might be a little old for Evan but he soooooo loved it!!! About half way through the movie he said I want to have this movie at home :) At the end he said can we stay for the next one :) He really got into it :)
My dragon trainer :) he he
Getting his 3D glasses
Getting ready for the movie...
Opps wrong glasses...
When I went to put mine on I was like why are these so small...he he he They were for Evan :) So cute that they had children's size :) Still a little big on him but cute... He really looks like Daddy's twin now :) he he he

Saturday, March 27, 2010

An Egg-Venture

Toys-R-Us was having an egg venture today so we thought we would check it out. My dear friend Pilar meet us up there with her nieces. It wasn't as cool as we had hoped but we had a fun day anyway :)
My flower child on the way there :)
Alex, Evan and Bella ready for some eggs but you just collected 3 egg stickers...

At the end you got to color a Crayola 3-d picture :)
So we bought some pre-filled eggs and headed to the park for our own egg-venture :)
The kids had a ball :)
Evan collecting eggs :)
The 3 of them checking out there goodies :) Then we played on the playground and went for a nature walk...we all had fun :) We couldn't have asked for a prettier day :)
My silly goose with his 3 d glasses on at dinner :) We had to stop at Office Depot before dinner and they actually had the same set they colored at Toys-R-Us on clearance...whoo hoo :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Girl scout cookies :)

Mommy's little shadow :) We had a little fun playing with our shadows today before we stopped by GG's house :) I also just have to share a little Evan moment today :) As he usually has several a day! He really melted my heart today when he held the door and I said go ahead baby and he said NO Mommy...girls go first :) Be still my heart! Could I possible succeed in raising a gentleman??? Time will tell of course but he sure had me today :)

Evan with the girl scouts :) This was his second try at girl scout cookies... his favorite is the Carmel delights :)

His first taste of girl scout cookies :) Yummy :)

We have a winner!!! Carmel delights it is :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My very own Birhday blast :)

So............ I am 35 years old today! And since I love to do Birthday blasts for my family and friends I thought I would share mine as well :) So here is a pictorial overview of the past 35 years :) Sorry the first picture is on twice because I was having a lot of trouble and just decided to leave it :)

My Birth Day :) Here I am with my mom in the hospital. God truly blessed me with amazing parents and family :) I don't think I could ever understand my parents love for me until I became a parent myself :)

I guess the one candle says it all :) It is my first Birthday!

Not sure what was going on with my hair here because I had long hair for quite awhile but not so much here :) When I came across this one it really hit me because it is my 4th birthday and my own little man is about to turn 4 :)

In case you are having trouble spotting me I am the grumpy little girl on the left side by the wall :) It was my 8 th Birthday- yes it was a rollerskating party :) Not sure why I was being a grump-kin :) I guess if Evan decides to be grumpy at his party I will have to remember my very own face :)

Please tell me why I posted this picture! Do you love the hair? Oh ya baby :) This was my 12th Birthday...I had a sleep over at a hotel my family liked to go to a lot- we would do some indoor swimming :)'s a little scary :) Right before my sweet 16th Birthday party...Did I really think I was cool :) he he

My 21st Birthday! I moved to Austin when I was 19 :) Some friends and I enjoying a margarita at Baby A's :)

Here is a special Birthday!!! On my 26th Birthday my true love asked me to spend the rest of my life with him! And I said yes!!! We got engaged :)

The big 3-0!!! Was it really 5 years ago already that I turned 30...And I thought 30 was getting old - 5 more years I will be 40...oh boy-

This isn't my actual Birthday it was Easter the week after my 30th Birthday but I like it! The 2 boys on the trampoline are my cousins and they had me going so high I was screaming! Not sure why I like this picture I guess because I had just turned 30 and felt to big to be on a trampoline but did it anyway and really had a ball with my cousins :) he he

12 days after my 31st Birthday I received the best gift in the world!!! Bryan and God blessed me with my son!!!

So we have come to today!!! My 35 Birthday.....I can hardly believe I am 35....I would not go back- for I am who I am today because of each of the years and experiences in the past :) For I am grateful that God has given me so many blessings! And for the relationships he has put in my life! I have amazing family and friends....

So today after my dear friend nearly killed me in the cycle class :) We enjoyed a lunch at Jason's Deli. These ladies showed me the true meaning of Fellowship today!!! What an amazing gift!!!

After a great lunch I picked up Evan from pre school and he and I had a little Chuck E Cheese party :) Woo hoo...He was so cute- he picked me a flower for my present and sang to me! Oh how I love that little boy :)

I had a yummy dinner with my 2 favorite guys!!! Oh ya.. I got to open my gift that Bryan had for me in the closet for like 2 weeks now :) I am soooooooooo bad with waiting but I did and it was a map thingy...a GPS :) woo hoo!!! He says I won't get lost now ha ha we will see about that but I do think it is pretty cool!!! Oh the places we can go... :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


So we were able to spend some time with Evan's friend Tristan today :) We haven't seen each other in awhile so it was nice to reconnect :) I guess I should re prase that...Evan and Tristan enjoyed playing and Valery and I enjoyed catching up :) But these two little boys were defiantly being boys today! They built with the lincoln logs on the table then put little army men on what they built and then used the Nerf guns to shoot them down! Ya, I didn't think we would be doing this kind of play already but it was all safe and they were having a blast! I guess I just thought army men and shooting at army men would come a little later... but the boys were defiantly into it :)
The army men and ammo have been divided let the building begin...
Peek I see you :)
Standing up his men...
I guess they have to be just right before you shoot them down :) he he
I surrender...I drop the guns boys :) he he
Evan standing one of his men back up after shooting him down :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spaghetti face and noodle fight...

Ummmm spaghetti :)
It's not pretty- but he gets the job done :)
Those eyes :) I love my little spaghetti face :)

Evan went outside to help Daddy widen the flower bed out front and the neighbor girls come out :) He was so excited as he hasn't seen them in awhile :)
They had a noodle fight!!! :) Pool noodles that is :)
Evan and Hannah...
Hannah and Samantha...
Samantha and Evan :)
When Bryan was done they all helped him push down the dirt :)
We will need some more dirt :) And some flowers for that matter :)