Thursday, February 25, 2010

Walking down the trails of life :)

Oh sweet nature how we needed you today...How is it that I have less patients with Evan on the days he goes to school? It doesn't make sense- I get a break right... I should be refreshed and ready to greet my love child right...And so I was. I picked him up and I was excited to be with him again :) He however was one grumpy little man!!! The grump-o-pot-a-mus could not be broke. No matter what I said or did this little dude just was not going to get over himself- I really thought it was going to take some food and a VERY early bed time...However, after being a grump-o-pot-a-mus from the time he got in the car all through story time and even at the beginning of our park adventure...It just took a good long nature walk to snap out of it :) Hallelujah because mommy doesn't do to well with a grump-o-pot-a-mus for to long :)
Oh sweet nature thank you for the help today :)
Did you hear that???
I got a stick...
Tracks... Maybe they are cheetah tracks! (says Evan) cheetahs today...just a nice long nature trail walk :)
I've got the stick though just in case :)

Speaking of while I was driving I saw some trail riders heading out!!! I sooooo LOVE this time of year! Well, spring that is. I love to see the trail riders and get all excited about the rodeo! We really don't do to much with the rodeo but take Evan to see the animals and such but I just love how it is all Texas-ed out and cowboy- ed up. I can't wait for Evan to get all his giddy up cloths on :) yew ha!!! And then comes the bluebonnets...LOVE IT!!! And Easter...and the pictures with the live bunny's :) And Evan's birthday ( funny I just realised I put Evan's before mine- I guess ours really don't count when we have kids :) he he) And our wedding anniversary and well then it is almost summer :) But spring...spring is approaching and how I love it so :)

Yes... I was at a stop sign when I took these pictures and no no one was behind me :)


  1. Cory you are a wonderful mom. My big boy is eighteen now. My baby boy is 16 and my little angle is 11. We are in a fun stage now but boy do I miss the younger years at times. Enjoy your time!!!

  2. Aww thanks girl :)you are so sweet! And any time you want to remember what almost 4 is like you can take him... he he he
    Cory...It is so silly I don't even know how to post on my own blog as myself he he I guess I need to contact my IT guy :)