Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's weekend

Cupid struck his arrow...the love bug bites :) As my dear friend Nicole was teaching the cycling class the Gross family was spreading a little surprise Valentine cheer :) We decorated her love machine :) he he and then we waited in our car to see her reaction as she approached her car :) it was so fun! I could barley keep myself in the car :)
In our defense- she had messed with Bryan and I all week about hubby was in on this one :) You have to love his signature tire work :) he he
Evan thinking we were pretty funny...playing a trick on Ms. Nicole :)
Here is Evan and Nicole...she admitted we got her good :) We helped her remove the love :) She really was a good sport about it :) Then we all got in our warm cars as it was a chilly morning :)
We went to Kroger to get the grocery's to make lunch and Evan loved the sea of balloons...I think he could have hung out there all day :)
He got to pick out 2- here he is with 2 but he keep exchanging them for a different one so he did get the heart one but choose a different one instead of the rose one :)
Here he is holding the card and candy his buddy Blake sent him from Oklahoma...he sure does miss his buddy :(
Here is my sweet hubby making lunch :) I am so lucky he cooks :)
He looks so cute in the kitchen :) he he
Whoa la...Cajun chicken pasta!!! My favorite :) He will only make it for me on special occasions because it is so good I pig out and then I complain the rest of the day... I ate too much :) It was so yummy!!! Thanks honey :)

We did all of this on Saturday as Sunday was a busy day. Bryan started the day with a 40 mile bike ride :) I was suppose to go to our dear friends baby's baptism but woke up with a migraine and couldn't go :( By the afternoon I was feeling better and the weather was glorious!!! Evan finally got to jump on the trampoline and play in the dirt :) We also did our annual Valentine scavenger hunt...which is getting more and more fun each year :) He was so into it! Sorry no pictures :( I just sat there enjoying the moment :) I even said I should take pictures of this but I just choose to sit there and take it all in :) Bryan surprised me as well!!! In my Valentine card he said we could take a vacation!!! I sure hope my Valentines card comes true! As he and I have not taken a vacation (other than to my parents) since our honeymoon. And I have a growing list of places I would like he and I to go and the 3 of us to go :) I sooooooooo love to travel and he does not so that was a really sweet gift :) Now where are we going to go ????? :) he he What comes next in our day will be my next post :)


  1. Cory you know Bryan was just too lazy to get you are real Valentine's present. Plus, now he doesn't even have to help plan the vacation. :)

  2. Kristie you and I know just getting him to go on a vacation is the real feet :) But now that he said he would I am all over it! Ha... Since I will be planning it do I talk to you about the vacation time then :) he he he
    Cory :)

  3. Cory I'll probably have to cut off access to the building and datacenter just to make sure he goes on vacation. :)

  4. Kristie we both know that is the truth :) Thanks for the help with this one girl :) he he
    Cory :)

  5. You and Bryan and My sweet Evan made my Valentines's day Perfect!! THANK YOU be on the look for payback...:)