Monday, February 8, 2010

Tiptoeing on a branch

So I am just going to put it out there! I was born and baptised Catholic. My Mother took my sister and I to church. I was not confirmed. I stopped going to church and CCD around conformation time. I did go to an all girls Catholic school my sophomore year of high school. I attempted to take conformation classes at St. Edwards University in Austin but stepped away again. Bryan and I were married in a Catholic chapel not the church...After we were married I tried a few churches with friends. When I was pregnant with Evan I went on a church mission...looking for a home church to baptise my baby in and have a church family with... this did not happen- I did not find a church and he was never baptised. I pray daily with my child and long to find a church for him to be raised in. Evan does go to chapel once a week at his pre-school. I would not say I am a religious person per say but I do believe in God and I believe you should be a good person! I have very little knowledge of the religion I was raised in but I am grateful for the knowledge I was given. Going to church has been waying on me really heavily lately...I want to take Evan, I want him to have a foundation so if he chooses to step away later he at least has a foundation. I would LOVE for us to go as a family!!! I am not sure if that will happen but I am at the point of going myself with him. I truly think Evan will enjoy Sunday school and I think church has a lot to offer.

Wow... ok well, since I have just blasted ya"ll with that :) Let me say I have always been spiritual in my own way...I try to not push my view onto anyone. That being said this blog is for me and today while I was reading blogs I saw this you tube clip on another girls blog called cardboard testimonials and I wanted to share it with my 1 or 2 or maybe 3 readers :) he he

Alright... thanks for letting me get all that off my chest- I hope you enjoy the clip I really did!

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