Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pre school Valentine party :)

Today was Evan's Valentines day party at pre school :) to love Valentines day!!!
Here he is with some of the goodie bags we were taking to school :)

Eating some ice cream :)
Evan and Mrs. Smith
Ryley and Evan-a sweet Valentines hug :)
Aubrey and Evan
Kobe and Evan...umm Evan what happened to your smile??? :)
After school we went to story time...I thought for sure they would be doing a Valentine craft. Nope today was a math and science story time. Oh is Evan excited to sit in the cool chairs today for story time :)
Here he is showing me his really cool heart they drew on his face at school today. It is the first time he has had any kind of face painting so needless to say there were tears tonight as I had to wash it off :(
Chillin in the cool chairs listening to the stories :)
After the stories the activity was to take a card with a number on it and match that number with an animal with that number of legs...some you had to use 2 or so animals to get the right number of legs- there were also blocks to count out the number.
Here is some of his work...for example the number 5 he used a pig with 4 legs and a snail with 1 leg = the number 5 Go Evan! :)
When we got home he opened all of his Valentines from all of his friends...Man did that kid get the loot :)

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