Thursday, February 4, 2010

A pictorial day by Evan

A day at the museum of natural science through the eyes of a 3 year old...oops I mean almost 4 year old :) yes he would correct me :) This past weekend he has started a fascination with taking pictures... today he took 72 shots...ok I did take a few but really...I was actually surprised he didn't do to bad :) I will spare you of most of them but here is some of his work :) Of course if he is in the picture ummm I took it! Ha.
Evan and the poky dinosaur...sorry you would have to ask him what there names are- I don't have a clue :)
It is Texas ya'll :) He saw this and said MOMMY check out this armadillo!!! It could go in my room :)
I guess he thought it was cool this dinosaur was trying to eat the other one :)
A skunk :) Mommy I need the camera!
Evan and the Zebra's
Evan and Tristan on the Caterpillar entering the butterfly exhibit
Oh Mommy a black one!!!
Yes, this guy is real... and he has free roam of the place :)
The 5 of us :) Valery, Tess, Tristan, Evan and me
I found another one :)
up, up, and away...
And a blue one on the way out...

So that was are day through pictures from a 3 year old I mean almost 4 year old :) I hope you all enjoyed your day as well!

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