Saturday, February 20, 2010

Life through the lens of a three year old

The essence of living is discovering. Indeed, it is the joy of discovery that makes life worth the effort. ---Vijay Krishna

Evan has had his new camera for a week now and boy has he had a blast! I like that it keeps him busy but it also has shown me patients :) I also have enjoyed reviewing his pictures with him :) He is quite the photographer and let me tell you this child knows no stranger!!!

WARNING: This may be the longest post in history! So grab a beverage and get comfy or we will see you on the next post :)

A week in review....through the lens of Evan...
A lovely self portrait :) he actually makes this face with every picture he takes :)

We must ALWAYS stop for flowers :)
His new friend Cameron...Nice to meet you Cameron :)

A guy by the park with his puppy-
Puppy!!! Her name is Emma :)
The view from the top of the play ground
The view from the top of the slide as a 3 year old :) It actually looks kinda scary to me :)
Evan trailing behind taking pictures :)
Baby Tess...Tristan's sister :)
Ummm Evan- you just got his mommy it is a picture of the wheel :) Wow your right Evan it is a great picture of the are a wonderful photographer :)

That looks like one big bowl :) We both definitely see things on 2 different levels :) I guess I always thought he sees what I see but really he sees it on the height of a 3 year old...kinda cool to see things in that perspective :)
ya, um I am sorry Sir see my son just got this camera and he is really excited and yes he is asking for your permission to take your picture... Thank you so much...Evan lets leave this nice man alone :) Yes honey I know I said you must ask people if you can take there picture before you take it but really... we don't have to ask everyone!!! :)
These girls even posed for you :) ( they came before the guy above)

Using the banks blocks while waiting for an hour :)
Taking a picture of himself in the new security TV at the bank

This one took me a min...oh ok ya your right this is a picture of the wheel of your stroller...
Our sweet ride! It looks really big through the lens of Evan :)

Pictures while having to sit in a buggy
Evan...what are you taking pictures of now??? The TV...What TV? I guess when I am shopping at Walmart I am focusing on my list and getting out as fast as possible I didn't even know they had a TV in the middle of an isle...
As I am focused on my list he is the observant one...Later when we reviewed his pictures I notice what he experienced at the store...He found a balloon :) I guess it hit me I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off and he in his innocence sees a balloon :) I love him!!!

I like this shot he took :) I know they are just oranges...but I think it looks cool :)
This was a toy in the toy store at the mall- cute shot buddy!

This sweet lady found him and his camera so adorable she actually knelt down so he could get her in the shot easier...what did he do??? He got down even lower...silly thing :) She said she misses the days when her two children now 22 and 25 were Evan's age :( Gosh is there not a way we can just make them stop growing! I know one day that will be me telling someone else the very same thing :(
I was impatient and really didn't want to wait for him to take this shot...I think it turned out cool- then we got in line behind the lady in the picture above and it made me realise- Hey Cory...slow down...sometimes it's just about the journey not the destination :)
Ummm ok we have another taking pictures in the bathroom :)

I am not sure of the next 2 little girls names but they were all watching TV together at the Gymboree store...I herd him say can I take your picture :)
When I got a little closer the girl in the picture before
this one was holding his camra and he was giving her a little toutorial...ya umm sweetie lets not have the 2 year old using your camra :) It was really nice of you to share though :)

When we were reviewing the picures there were a million chair pictures. And out of those million 2 captured what he was going for. Do you see it? Yep he wanted to get a picture of the leaf in the chair :) The other one was a bird on a chair :) Patients...something we both teach each other :)
I had to look at the next two shots for a good while before I figured it out... why can you see the light bulbs in this picture??? OH MY because he climed up to the top of my camapee bed with his camra to get the shot!!! Ya...that's nice :)
Does anyone need a stunt photographer??? :)

He needed a subject so he got two blocks put them like this and took there picture :)
Yes, this is a napkin :)
And the bananna- before he ate it :)
His Daddy at Chineese New Year
Ummm Evan...
There you go...that is better :)
A fish in Ong Noi's back yard
Ong Noi's real fish in the pond

A CLOSE UP of Ong Noi
A ball...yep that's what he told me...and this is a picture of a ball :)
The bottom of a table at Chipotle
He likes to take pictures of the rivits in the metal at Chipotle...
Ok good job asking her if you can take her picture- maybe next time you will get her head :) hehe
Good job...she does have a head :)

Tessa's feet
Zoey's feet...ummm only got her legs...I know :) He did it on purpose :) hehehe
Self portrit- with a styling hat :) he he

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