Saturday, February 27, 2010

First date

What a day!!! What a day it was :) Today was Evan's first date! Evan's girlfriend ( he he) Katie and her mom invited us to attend the Houston's Children's Symphony :) We couldn't have been more thrilled! Evan got to pick out and wear his first tie :) It has robots on it and of course has matching socks :) yes, I know this will not last long so I am doing it while I can ha ha. It was truly magical :) We all had a wonderful time!!! I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story :)
Here is my hansom little devil waiting for his date :)
They came to get is a new generation you know he he...really they already have 2 car seats in there car so it was really nice :)
We were like 6 rows back!!! I mean really- how cool is that!!!
Me and my big man!!! I could just eat him up :) There is no picture of Evan and his date in there seats because we were told to put our cameras away :( However, Evan and Katie sat next to each other and it was so cute!!! I nearly shed a tear when Katie leaned over and whispered Evan...he said yeah and she said I love you!!! Be still my heart....

After the show they let the children play some of the instruments! So cute :)
Go Evan Go...
Oh ya baby that is loud :)
They also did a craft...Our little prince and princess....Or if us mommy's had our way the future Mr. and Mrs. :) he he Can we still do arranged marriages?

Evan putting his arm around his date :) he he We decided to continue this spectacular date by dinning at the downtown Aquarium :) Thank goodness for the fish because the wait was defiantly longer than expected...
His perfect first date was ended with ice cream :)

Thank you Kirsten and Katie for such a memorable day! We had a wonderful time with you guys and look forward to our next date :)

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  1. We had a wonderful time! Thank you so much for dinner and for joining us for the day. Your pictures are fantastic! They sure do look cute together. Katie Gross---- sounds good!