Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chinese New Year

Happy New Year!!! Happy Chinese New Year that is :) Let me explain- Chinese New Year is something I did not grow up celebrating :) However, my hubby who is 100% Caucasian by blood is 99% Vietnamese by heart :) His best friend today has been his best friend since the 4th grade and he is Vietnamese :) However, I don't know if it was because he spent so much time at there house or if it is just a love of the food but Bryan has become more Vietnamese than his best friend! he he... So we were really excited to be invited to Johns ( Bryan's best friend :) ) parents house for the celebration. Johns family have always welcomed us...his parents call him there other son, they soooooooo love Evan! They had 3 children of there own but have no grandchildren. I feel very blessed to have them in our lives. We don't see them too often but when we do they are always so kind and wonderful!
Here is my hansom little devil :)
Holding up his new camera! He is officially obsessed with taking pictures and in fear that mine would get broken we got him one of his own :)

Here Evan is with Ong noi ( Vietnamese for grandpa Nguyen) and Uncle John :)
Our little photographer :)
The 3 of us :)
Part of the New Year crew...more keep coming even as we left :)
One of the beautifully set tables...With the yummy food that made Bryan say I ate to much for the rest of the night :) he he I had fun getting a tutorial from Johns sister Kathy about how to eat some of the food :) Bryan sat at the head table- I sat at the kids table and the kids well see the next picture :)
The kids were watching a DVD player with the new chipmunk movie playing. Those are Aunt Shae's legs in the she hung out with Evan :)

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