Saturday, February 6, 2010

Breaking the bank :)

So my washing machine has been on the fritz all week and yesterday it died :( And as there are 3 people and 3 dogs that I do laundry for we went to see about getting a new one today!
We first went to Lowe's & as we were going in Evan ran up and jumped on the lawn tractor saying...This is just like my Grandpas tractor!!!
Here is Vanna I mean Evan showing you the wash machine we went with at Home Depot- It's nothing fancy but I don't need fancy I just need one to clean our cloths :) However, the earliest they can deliver it is Wednesday :( It looks like I will be going to the washateria :)
We meet up with Uncle John and Aunt Shae for dinner and such... Here is Evan and Uncle John:) I love this picture! Evan just loves his Uncle John :)

Daddy also got his new bike today! Watch out Lance Armstrong Bryan goes super fast now :) And there is Evan following in Daddy's foot steps :)
Do I look cool or what???

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