Saturday, February 13, 2010

2 more days :)

Yes...we are on the eve of my favorite holiday. I so LOVE Valentines Day:) I always have! I can even remember the white dress with red hearts my mom made me as a little girl. Sure the neighbor boy threw sand on it and I was devastated but that was just the beginning of learning how to deal with my favorite holiday haters :)

Every year I do come across thoughs who do not like Valentines Day( my husband included) but to me it just says they need more LOVE :) ( watch out Nicole cupid has his arrow pointed at you he he)

Valentines Day to me is all about love! Showing love, giving love, and sharing love. But let us not forget the red, pink and purple hearts !!!

There is no need to spend a lot of money, for it is all about your words and actions :) So I encourage all of you to tell your loved ones you love them one more time today and give your kids an extra kiss :) Long live Love!!! he he

WELL... that was a nice long intro for my intended post which is : A few things I love about my Valentine :)

... is my hubby :)

... is the keeper of my secrets

... eats sushi and well... just about anything :)

... is my rock

... is an amazing provider

... eats the colors of candy that I don't like :)

... accepts me imperfections and all

... is an amazing cyclist

... was hand picked for me by God

... cooks for me :)

... works hard

... can get on my last nerve

... is a great Daddy

... helps me with my last minute crazy ideas :) he he

... makes me feel safe in his arms

... is my nerd :) With out him there would be no blog...actually I wouldn't even have a computer :)

... is my partner in this marriage :)

Together-forever-no matter what right baby:) I look forward to our fun filled weekend together!
I love you!!!

My other Valentine
I think he is pretty great too :) I love you my little man!

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