Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Zoey's 10th Birthday

So today is Zoey's 10th birthday! She is our 2nd of the 3 dogs and I just love her so!!! Zoey who is also known as Big Mama is our 140lb Newfoundland. See, I grew up in a house that had NO pets...OK so we did have 2 goldfish Merdie and Ferdie but even they had to stay at my Grandparents house! So because my wonderful husband( who was raised with MANY dogs) decided our relationship needed a large animal to go with our small animal (Tessa- our 1st dog) Zoey came into our lives... Boy have these dogs changed me... I went from a girl who did not like animals at all to one who could not imagine life with out my furry baby's! My sweet sweet Zoey will always have a special place in my heart. She is the kindest most gentle giant I could ever know... She only wants love and is the most patient dog in the world...letting the other 2 dogs be the boss and lets Evan well be Evan :) So this is a hard Birthday on her as her health is deteriorating and on me because my sweet, sweet girl is getting old... and I am afraid she will not be with us much longer. I hope I am wrong because I love her so but I know big dogs don't live forever... It breaks my heart- I truly do not think I could do a big dog again :( So Happy birthday Big Mama... we love you!!!

Zoey at 9 weeks

Me with Zoey and Tessa about 8 years ago
Evan with Zoey,Tessa and Lilly about a year ago

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