Saturday, January 9, 2010

While Mommy is away...

While Mommy is away...Daddy and Evan will play...Until today- when Mommy came into play :)

You see I have the greatest husband ever!!! For the past few months I have been able to go to the gym on Saturday mornings before Evan is even awake :) So when he does wake up he and Daddy go to breakfast! And watch TV shows that I would probably would not allow :) But it is their time! :) So today when I cut out of the gym early and asked where they were they were still at breakfast. So I got to come see what they were up to. When I got there my poor only child was all he and Bryan were the only two people there! Bless his heart...So being the fun, cool, hip Dad that Bryan is... he crawled up the huge play scape to play with his son :) Gosh- I love him!

Until...Evan says come on Mommy... So in attempts to be a cool, hip mom I go for it! At first it was fun...the climb up showed me my age :) And once I reached the top to attempt the was full fledge fear! No way!!! I am 5'10'' tall and yes I have lost a little weight but not nearly enough for this! This structure says for 4-10 year olds not almost 35 year olds!!! :) All I could see was my big hyne getting stuck in this thing! But my know the ones who I love more than anything...ya they were not going to let me down unless it was by the slide!!! So after a good 5 mins of I Can not do this... I do it!!! I slide down that slide of fear head first and yes it was tight and yet fast and scary and fun :) I am glad I did it! I'm glad God has given me my son and husband to experience such a wonderful life with :) Until my next slide adventure :) he he he :)

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