Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Which one is the beast???

I ask you which one is the beast?
I actually took this picture last week or so but today holly smokes this little boy gave me a run for my money! While I took a very quick shower he took every pillow in the house and piled them on the couch, his pile was so high he felt the need to put his rocking chair on the couch to stand on and jump on the pile...hello...of course I had to take a picture as proof of his craziness:)

I mean really...someone should be watching this child :) he he
Evan, Blake & Cora
This is a bad shot of our kiddos but it is the only one I took at our play date at Brittany's today. There were a total of 5 kids and they are all so cute! I must say though that my child is something else :) He and his buddy Blake were at it again...Today they got more creative than yesterday- As the mommy's were talking the fun was had...At one point I went to find them & they both had the sticks from about 2 or 3 different air fresheners...I collected the sticks and put them back...sorry Britt- I am sure your smells are all mixed up :) As I was washing my hands they got quiet again. I went to find them and all I saw were there 2 little bikes parked at the master bedroom door... oh God this can not be good!!! As I rushed into the bedroom to find our hellions I mean love children... I find them both using the bathroom least they both made it into the potty :) What a crazy fun day with our friends :) We will miss and talk about these days when they are gone :)
The rest of the afternoon we relaxed at home as tomorrow is Evan's first day back to pre-school! I hope the boys are good for Mrs. Smith :) Bless her heart!

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