Thursday, January 21, 2010

What a gorgeous day

What a gorgeous day it was! It was in the 70's today- the sun was out and it was a beauty! We started the day with Evan going to Pre-school which can be rough but not today :) Today was Teddy Bear day :) He decided to take his panda bear :) Yeah for bear day as I love to see a smile on his face when getting out of the car :)
After school we had a play date with Katie and her siblings at the park :) It was so nice to be outside enjoying good weather and good conversation with a friend :)
Evan enjoying the big swing :)
Evan swinging and watching Katie pushing her brother Graham...sweet siblings :)
Evan and Katie picking weeds I mean flowers :) Its not a very good picture of them but I had to zoom in... not to interrupt their flower picking conversation :) They are so funny together!

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