Monday, January 25, 2010

Truly spoiled

Truly spoiled... This little boy could want for nothing I tell you! He got his 3rd box of surprises from his Grandparents (my parents) and Grandma! He really was excited :) See I went to the Doctor this morning and it seems that I have a sinus infection and walking pneumonia so I wasn't being a very fun Mommy today-until he got to have his super cool box :)
His excited smile :)
No way!!! The tubes for my hamsters!!!

Super cheese :)
And a little black stuffed cat... This boy loves his stuffed animals :) He sleep with it tonight.

Thanks for all the goodies!!! Love little rotten :) he he he...


  1. Nothing like a child.... I see the joy on his sweet little face!!! Makes me want to go out and get him a surprise!!!!

  2. hey,hey, may post as anonymous but I know who you are :) he he