Thursday, January 7, 2010

Please Mommy Please

Please Mommy please don't make me go to pre-school!!! As he hung onto my leg this morning :( Can I just stay home with you??? It breaks my heart!!! His teacher says he has fun and is doing great I just wish he didn't give me so much trouble going. I knew it was going to be rough as we just had a long Christmas break. He really knows how to pull at my heart strings :)

Smile with your backpack baby :) Your going to have so much fun! :)
I even let him play his game his GG(Bryan's mother) gave him for Christmas. This however didn't last long...He started again....Please I not get out...I don't want to get out( his school has car line and that's usually where the big meltdown happens) Then came my belly hurts...I said oh ya do you have to go potty? No my belly hurts because I want to go back home! At this point we are just about there. So as we are waiting our turn in car line I am talking about the sheets they used to cover there plants hoping to get him interested in getting out of the car to take a closer look :) Well, it was our turn... the door opened and he doesn't get out...I said Evan go show her the sheets on the plants I bet she hasn't seen the sheets on the plants... how silly is that! And it works!!! He is out of the tears :) Yippee...We will see what Tuesday brings... some days good some days not so good. As for me I cleaned up Casa Del Gross a bit :) And meet my dear friend Brittany for a quick lunch before we got in car line again :) Yes, this would be the third day in a row we have seen each other but she is moving in two weeks and we are seeing as much of each other before that day comes! :)

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