Thursday, January 28, 2010

Just fish

So today after pre-school we meet Evan's friend Katie at the turtle pond :) Evan and I have never been there and it was a lot of fun! It is in Katie's subdivision. However, today there were no turtles...just fish :) The kiddos had a blast throwing bread for them to eat. When they were done they played at the attached park. It was really nice but I didn't snap any picture's as I was enjoying my mommy play date with Katie's mom :)
Here fishy fishy :)
Katie's brother Graham joined in on the fun as well :)
Katie's other brother Harrison joined in from his car seat :)
Evan and Katie feeding the fish through the little cracks...
So cute!

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  1. Cory, i admire you that you want something deeper in your life. Something to pass down to your wonderful sweet son. When people do not understand what you are saying/doing. Let them be! I find when that happens, it bring up issues they have. Maybe past hurts or they are just scared . Scared people say crazy stuff. In your blog I hear a sweet person wanting something much more than ITS ALL about me... Gal embrace you and let the nay sayers embrace their own life. My goodness it positive!!!! oh I must ask-- this is your blog right???? People forget its your blog! If they do not like - do not read!!!! okay you know I'm not putting my name on this DO YOU ALL DAY LONG.. KEEP YOUR JOY!!!!