Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year- 2010

Happy New Year!!! So it is 2010 and I have been looking at blogs for a long while now and always wanted to do one but just don't have the computer know how to do it. So with a lot of help from my hubby here it goes! The blog still needs some work and I am a little nervous about putting it all out there but if you are reading this it is because you know me & I really am missing my family so this will be a good way they can see my little love- Evan :) So come along for the ride Gross Family Blog style :) Please over look the bad spelling oh and the persistent use of smileys I so love them :) he he...

Evan has sparkling grape juice but he didn't drink any :)


  1. Too cute!! Love ya - Coco

  2. You are such a sweet joy. I really enjoy your love for life, family and friends.. Keep on doing you all day long!

  3. well my sweet friend. I enjoyed watching your son play today. I miss my boys now they are young men. You are a great mommy!! Enjoy your wonderful boy!!!! He is a true blessing from God. Yeah I enjoyed hanging with you too! I think it is safer to hang out with Evan!!! Lol, Keep your joy and pass it on to your son, so many people grow up and lose it!! Shine on Cory!!!