Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

So today is my Daddy's Birthday!!! Actually I don't call him Daddy maybe its a southern thing but I've always liked the way it sounds on those who do :) I have always called him Dad :)

I wish I could be with you on your special day but since I can't be- here's a little Birthday wish for you!!!

Happy Birthday Dad!!! We Love you very much!!!
My Dad and me! I was 2 :)

Hanging spoon :) What...your family didn't do this??? he he

A man of many mowers :)

Me (being silly) and Dad in 1995- home for my sisters surprise 16th Birthday party :)

I love this picture of my Dad because it is at his cabin and you can tell he loves it there :)

Here is my Daddy :) walking me down the isle...

My Dad with his first Grandchild...Evan :)

Dad and Evan...such a special relationship!!! My Dad is Evans only Grandpa!

So beautiful...we all hated to leave Dad's lake place-summer 2009

Grandpa's fishing buddy :)

Evan had a good day...caught a lot of fish :)

Evan made you this Birthday sign! Don't think it will make it by mail though :) he he

Happy Birthday Dad!!! We are so blessed to have you in our lives! You have been a wonderful Father and an amazing lucky I am to watch your relationship with my son grow! Bryan, Evan and I LOVE you very much!!!


  1. These made me CRY happy tears. Happy Birthday Grandpa!! Courtney

  2. What a Blessing!!!!

  3. What a beautiful message to your Dad, Cory. The pics are wonderful & Evan, indeed, looks so happy when he's with your Dad. Happy Birthday to him :) ~Brittany

  4. Cory your the best daughter ever!