Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas in January

As I am sure everyone knows we were not able to go to Wisconsin for Christmas this year :( So my parents and Grandma sent a Christmas box of goodies :) Evan was so excited!!! I have included a lot of pictures and I tried several times to add a video but it is just not working for me! There were even more pictures that I didn't included...this little boy was in heaven :) He played with just about everything that was in the box! He even wanted my snuggie... Ha! Thank you Grandma, Grandpa and Buzz :) But we know the real gift you give us is your love!!! Can't wait to be able to spend time with you guys!!! Evan still wants his hug :) Much LOVE!!!
Check out this box!!!
I love books :)
No way...I have always wanted a hamster :)
Yippee...I love me some scooby...
That's a big one!
Evan had to get in the box to get them all :)
My warm snugly scooby blanket my Granny made me :)
Go hamster go!!!
Boy that hamster is funny...
So into the dinosaur's that my tongue is hanging out... he he
check out my lite brite cube :)
Working hard on my fish picture...
In the box...with my warm scooby blanket reading my new hamster friend a book!

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