Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Chipmunk:Mission Completion

I'm back :) I know I went on a little blog break and then blasted ya'll with my balance post. See we keep very busy over here and when I posted about balance it was because that is what I was looking for...well I still am but I am not sure life is truly balanced we are all just doing the best we can :) So onward and upward!

Like I said we have been busy... we went down town to this really cool park...Evan my nature boy had a blast...finding leaves :) ha- my crazy boy! We went to the Zoo.....a few trips to Chick-fil-a...the gym and today's mission...Chipmunk's :) Evan has liked the Chipmunk's-as stated in an earlier was his first movie :) So last week there was a child in the kids club at the gym with an Alvin toy. He wanted it so bad! The ladies thought it was some kind of kids meal being a mom who wants to give her child the world ( yes, toys are a part of this world...HA!) I went to the McDonald's in the gym parking lot to see if this is where it came from and sure enough it was. Yippee... he got Theodore :) On Saturday Daddy got him Simon. Tuesday he got Jeannette. Yesterday no such luck at our McDonald's on getting one he didn't have( there are 6) So today we tried another McDonald's only to find out that Friday is the last day they are having these toys. WHAT!!! So being a crazy mom I mean loving mom I proceeded to go to 6 other McDonald's...don't get me wrong we did errands as well but we were defiantly on a Chipmunk mission! Well, needless to say he and I were pooped! We headed home to do what??? Why get online and get more McDonald's phone numbers to see if the 3 missing chipmunk's could be found and low and be hold we did it! We ended the night with all 6 chipmunk's in my happy little boys hands!!! Chipmunks mission completion... And just for the record- he did not eat at McDonald's 6 times :) he he...we just bought the toy!

I LOVE the chipmunk's!!!
I mean really...doesn't this spoiled I mean happy little face say it all! You know you would do the same for your own love bug :) he he he

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