Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Chick-fil-A's family fun night

Every Tuesday night at Chick-fil-A it is family night! Evan and I have been doing this for awhile now... and most Tuesdays his good buddy Blake from pre-school meets us there! It consists of dinner, a scheduled activity, playing in the play area and some ice cream :) However, with the holidays tonight there was no family night guest or activity and our boys have not been together since before Christmas so needless to say they were a little excited!!! To the point of a full on rumble... no joke Brittany and I were in shock with how they were truly enjoying wrestling with each other... We both tried and tried to break it up but they just continued. They both were having fun but boy it sure looked rough... The only thing I could compair it to was when my sister and I would just go at each other... we still loved each other but boy did we kick each others hines :) I'm guessing it was a brotherly love type thing but we ended up leaving because even though they were having fun we didn't want Makena or any other children to get hurt. Our dear dear friends will be moving soon and I am so very sad :( I have truly enjoyed all the time we have spent together- Brittany's friendship has meant the world to me and I really feel like God has put her in my life for a reason :) I know even though we will not be doing family fun nights much longer may we always be friends!
Evan, Blake and Makena
Sweet girl Makena
Our rough boys :)
My dear friend Brittany with her to beautiful baby's
I did not want to post this picture because I look a mess...but Evan is actually looking at the camera! Ha...
Yes, these are my feet :) Brittany surprised me with these Valentine slipper socks!!! She didn't even know my favorite holiday is Valentines Day :) I so love them! Thanks girl!!!!

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  1. Glad you like your slippers!! This post just brings a smile to my heart & it really really makes me laugh to see our 2 boys going at it & laughing about it! It's even funnier that you & I were capturing the moment! Big hugs~Brittany